People working together to build a better future for others

Simply by using World Updated in conjunction with Facebook you can support your favourite charity or cause financially. Raising money for your charity or cause does not cost you, or other users of the World Updated online community anything.

We are launching World Updated by making £1100 worth of sponsorship available to charities or causes who were recently nominated. Please see Hot News for full details.

Plant a seed then help it grow and flourish

Catch wind and turn it into light for others

Help a child's hopes and dreams take flight

Use the power of social media to help others

A simple change
Can make a big difference

Let’s be honest, World Updated will never seriously challenge the dominance of huge and well established social media platforms like Facebook. In fact, we integrate with and promote World Updated through Facebook to achieve a very specific goal.

Team Work

Join an existing group on World Updated that supports the charity or cause you wish to help or form a new one. Alternatively, you can form an interest group or one supporting a business activity. In either of these cases the admin who formed the group would nominate the charity or cause they wish to sponsor. You then attracted members to your group by promoting it through Facebook or other social media platforms you use.

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